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24.02.2021 | Nyhed

Integrator: A guardian of the human transcriptome

In a joint collaboration, Søren Lykke-Andersen, Torben Heick Jensen et al. and German researchers have characterized a cellular activity that protects our cells from potentially toxic by-products of gene expression. This activity is central for the ability of multicellular organisms to uphold a robust evolutionary ‘reservoir’ of gene products.


24.02.2021 | Nyhed


Good luck with future to PostDocs Maria Gockert and Ross Cordiner who recently left the lab. It was a pleasure having you around!

Good luck with your PostDocs Britt and Vaibhav.

23.09.2020 | Nyhed

News from the Lab

Welcome to the new students in the lab: Yujia Zhang is starting his PhD and we also have Nynke van Eijk og Berenice Horlacher starting undergrad projects in the lab. We also recently had to say goodbye to PhD student Britt Ardal and PostDoc Vaibhav Chikne.

16.06.2020 | Nyhed

How to keep the nucleus clean

RNA turnover in the nuclei of eukaryotic cells is controlled by the RNA exosome aided by numerous cofactors. Researchers at Aarhus University and Copenhagen University now show how two major nuclear exosome cofactors recognize their RNA targets to keep a clean nuclear environment. This is important for the health of our cells – and thus humans.

16.06.2020 | Forskning

Regulering af RNA er afgørende for differentiering af stamceller

Nuclear RNA levels are kept in check by RNA decay factors. Now, researchers at Aarhus and Copenhagen Universities show that an excess of RNA in the nucleus can have negative effects on a crucial regulator of stem cell differentiation.

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