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Suresh Rattan

Research project: Stress response and cellular ageing

The Cellular Ageing group is using the experimental model system, the “Hayflick system” of long-term serially subculturing of normal diploid human cells which have a limited proliferative capacity. Cell types used are epidermal fibroblasts and keratinocytes, bone marrow stem cells and osteoblasts, and vascular- and micro-vascular endothelial cells.

Macromolecular damages, specially the oxidative damage to proteins, alterations in proteasomes and lysosomes), and alterations in  cellular responses to stress through heat shock proteins, hemeoxygenase, and antioxidant pathways are being studied.

Various interventions include testing the effects of synthetic and natural compounds (for example, cytokinins, polyphenols and spices), and establishing the beneficial effects of mild stress, termed hormesis, on preventing or slowing down the accumulation of molecular damage.

Other hormetic interventions such as nutritional components, mechanical stretching and exercise are being investigated to elucidate the effects and mechanisms of mild stress on cellular lifespan, wound healing, angiogenesis, and sugar-induced accelerated molecular damage accumulation.

More info: sureshrattan.com