Industrial collaboration

For many years, several researchers at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics have been collaborating with the industrial community on various research projects - partly by establishing a specific research collaboration and partly by recruiting an industrial PhD student. Some of these projects can be seen below. Here you can also get good advice if you as a company wish to collaborate with one or more of the department's research groups.

More examples of the department's industrial collaborations

Esben Skipper Sørensen has been working with milk proteins since his Master's thesis in 1991. (Photo: Henrik Petit)

2009.06.22 | Research, Knowledge exchange

Milk can be much more than we think

Improving infant formula. Preventing cavities in the teeth. Help for wound healing. Food for astronauts. The discovery of the protein OPN in milk proves to have great potential.

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Present industrial collaborations

Here are some examples of the companies that the department is collaborationg with.

See also Research-based public sector consultancy, where the researchers at the department carry out advisory tasks for ministries and government agencies.


If you have any questions about industrial collaboration with the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, please feel free to contact the Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Collaboration:

Esben Skipper Sørensen

ProfessorDepartment of Molecular Biology and Genetics - Molecular Nutrition

You are also welcome to contact the individual researcher if you wish to start a collaboration.