Guidelines for PhD students

Participation in the Kjeldgaard Lectures and the Kjeldgaard PhD Colloquia is required for all PhD students under the Molecular Biology and Genetics PhD programme who are located in Aarhus.

Participating students can acquire 5 ECTS credits for attending the Kjeldgaard Lecture Series throughout their study. However, participation in all lectures in both part A and part B of the PhD study is mandatory independent of ECTS.

Students should inform Line L. Dvinge whenever they are not able to attend due to sickness, teaching, leave, or foreign visit.

The discussion forum for PhD students following the lecture is set up as a course in Blackboard (Sign in - Community - Organisation: MBG Kjeldgaard - Course: “MBG Kjeldgaard PhD Colloquia” - Enrol) (see mini guide for how to sign up for the lectures), which all students must sign up for immediately after being accepted onto a GSST PhD programme at MBG.

Registered students will automatically receive email announcements with links to papers to be read before each Kjeldgaard Lecture.

The Kjeldgaard Lectures normally consist of three parts:

  1. a seminar (40-45 min. including a broad and thorough introduction to the subject)
  2. a coffee break (about 30 min.)
  3. a "chalk-board session" with the speaker (Kjeldgaard PhD Colloquium) where participating students meet the speaker under less formal circumstances and discuss recent published papers.

Programme for the Kjeldgaard Lectures i Molecular Biology.