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Legume innovation for future agri-food systems - N2CROP

N2CROP is an international hub for legume research and innovation, combining experience in plant genetics, agronomics, crop modelling, and molecular nutrition. The project brings together researchers from Aarhus University, University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, and LaTrobe University.

The goal of N2CROP is to use legume symbiotic nitrogen fixation as a basis for producing high-quality and nutritious plant protein in sustainable agri-food systems. N2CROP will focus both on input, by enhancing legume nitrogen fixation, and output, by designing seeds with high content of bioavailable protein. Through these innovations, supported by field trials and crop modelling, N2CROP will develop future agri-food systems powered by legume intercropping.

The N2CROP center for legume innovation is supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, which has granted DKK 60 million to accelerate the optimization of legumes as food crops.

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