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Kickoff Meeting

N2CROP Kickoff Meeting

Held Wednesday 4 October, 2023

Members of N2CROP met in Aarhus on Wednesday 4 October, 2023, to kick off the project with introductions, updates, and plans for the future.

Presentations on the different work packages were given by the following:

WP1 - Stig U. Andersen
WP2, T1 - Kasper R. Andersen & Dugald Reid
WP2, T2 - Marcela Mendoza Suarez
WP3 - Martin Weih & Dorte B Dresbøll
WP4 - Katharina Meurer
WP5 - Jesper Holck & Kristian Barrett
WP6 - Stig U. Andersen & Taylor G. FitzGerald
Faba Base introduction - Troels W. Mouritzen & Marcin Nadzieja

The afternoon was set aside for additional discussion and collaboration, followed by a dinner at Hantwerk at the Aarhus harbour.