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Fri 20 Sep
13:15-15:15 | 3130-303, Gustav Wieds Vej 10C
Qualifying exam: Structural and biochemical characterization of macroglobulins A2M and A2ML1
Seandean Lykke Harwood
Fri 20 Sep
13:00-15:00 | Building 1532, room 122, Lecture Theatre G2
PhD defence: Unraveling the mysteries of circular RNAs – how and why are they produced?
Lotte Victoria Winther Stagsted
Thu 19 Sep
13:15-15:15 | 1532-116, Auditorium G1, Department of Mathematics
Qualifing exam: Interfacing cells with designer nanostructures to control cell uptake and immune response through multivalent interactions
Marjan Omer
Tue 17 Sep
14:15-15:00 | The conference room, building 3130-303
DANDRITE topical seminar: Cristina Paulino: The flips and flops of a scramblase story – proteins in nanodiscs and electrons at 200kV
Tue 17 Sep
10:00-12:00 | 8814-3050 M2, Blichers Allé 20, Foulum, 8830 Tjele
PhD defence: Use of genomics can improve female fertility in dairy cattle
Md Mesbah Uddin
Fri 13 Sep
13:30-23:00 | Aulaen (The Main Hall) and the Music House
Aarhus University Annual Celebration
Fri 13 Sep
10:15-11:00 | iNANO AUD (1593-012)
Distinguished iNANO Lecture: Carol Robinson: From peripheral proteins to membrane motors – mass spectrometry comes of age
Professor Dame Carol Robinson from the University of Oxford is awarded with Aarhus University’s honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Science of Technology.
Fri 13 Sep
10:00-11:00 | The Eduard Biermann Auditorium, The Lakeside Lecture Theatres ("Søauditorierne")
Honorary doctorate 2019: Talk by Professor Mark Joseph Daly
Professor Mark Joseph Daly, Director of the Institute of Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM), the Finnish node of the Nordic EMBL Partnership is awarded with Aarhus University’s honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Health.
Thu 12 Sep
08:30-13:00 | Sandbjerg Estate
PhD conference
Wed 11 Sep
14:15-15:00 | iNANO 1590-213, Gustav Wieds Vej 14
Specialized iNANO Lecture: Marc Blondel: Nucleolin directly mediates Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) immune evasion through binding to G-quadruplexes of EBNA1 mRNA thus defining new therapeutic targets to unveil EBV-related cancers to the immune system

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