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MBG University City

MBG University City

  • MBG has moved into the newly renovated buildings of the former "Kommunehospital"

Practical information

Waste management - see under working environment

Glass washing / autoclaving - see under working environment

Samples for sequencing (Macrogen and Eurofin). There are two boxes in 1874, room 155, one for Macrogen and one for Eurofin. They will be picked up every day between 14:30 and 15:30.

Meeting rooms (incl. information on Zoom equipment) - see under rooms

Change of e-mail signature:

Institut for Molekylærbiologi og Genetik
Aarhus Universitet
Universitetsbyen 81, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Tel. +45 xxxx xxxx - xxxxx@mbg.au.dk
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Aarhus University
Universitetsbyen 81, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark
Tel. +45 xxxx xxxx - xxxxx@mbg.au.dk

Phone number update

After the move to the University City, there are no more landline telephone numbers. If you do not already have a mobile phone number in PURE, please send it to Gitte Dueholm (gitte@mbg.au.dk).
If you do not have a work mobile phone, you are welcome to get your private mobile phone number in PURE. Here you can see if you are registered with a telephone number.

Hangers for bulletin boards, whiteboards, pictures, etc.

In offices: notice boards and whiteboards should not be screwed to the walls. Instead, we will soon be given fittings for boards, whiteboards and pictures, which can be mounted directly on the shelf suspension.
In hallways and other places: if there are no moldings for shelving, the boards are screwed to the walls. Our new Nat-Tech operations team can help with this.

Coffee machines

Hard work is being done to install coffee machines in the canteen (two espresso machines and a syrup coffee machine). Meanwhile, instant coffee is available in all kitchens. Extra glasses with instant coffee can be found in the copy room in building 1872, room 544.


To allow staff to take their lunch in the canteen, the students are not allowed to use the canteen as a reading room during the period 11:30-13:30

Sale of food in the canteen

The food sale by Jespers Torvekøkken) opens up just after Easter..


There are awnings in buildings 1872 south and 1874 south. The awnings do not work if there has been a wind gust of >8 m/s within the past 15 min., which means that they quite often do not work. The awnings can be activated by the "Markise" buttons in the hallways.

Safety instructions

We normally have safety instructions for all new staff and students by the local “arbejdsmiljørepræsentanter”, however, since a number of safety issues still need to be resolved, please do a temporary introduction to the buildings and the most important safety issues and then later on we will have a more formal instruction.

Door wedges

Door wedges must not be used, except where necessary for short and isolated periods. There are several reasons:

  1. In the fire strategy, almost all doors are fire doors, and fire doors must be kept closed. If there are special needs, automatic fire door closure can be put on the doors for approx. DKK 15,000 per piece.
  2. The doors are covered with oak veneer, which separates from the door using wedges. Unfortunately, this has already happened in many places.
  3. Ventilation, climate control, and laboratory suction lose functionality.
  4. All equipment is tested and approved with closed doors.

Supply centres

Read more about how the supply centers work and who is responsible

Cold water machine

A cold water machine has been installed in the canteen, and it is ready for use.
The cold water machine we had before will be set up in one of the kitchenettes at some point.


Parking facilities in the University City

Possible parking spaces close to our buildings: Trøjborgvej (Lille Barnow parking lot) just opposite building 1874.

Other spaces a little further away: Nobelparken, Campus or The parking house on Peter Sabroes Gade (se photo with map and picture below)

Bicycle parking: 335 bicycle parking spaces will be established by Building 1870 (main entrance).

See the overview of parking options (in Danish)

MBG's new address at the University City

After the move, the department will have the following official address:

Universitetsbyen 81, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark

Address for mail and parcels:

Universitetsbyen 83, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark