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Millions from the Novo Nordisk Foundation for molecular biologist

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Associate Professor Gregers Rom Andersen, Department of Molecular Biology, Aarhus University, has received the prestigious Hallas-Møller scholarship of 11 million Danish Kroner from the Novo Nordisk Foundation to support the project: Structural studies of complement C5 and C5a receptors with the aim of inhibitor development.

The project aims at developing new drugs that may reduce adverse effects of the immune system during a number of inflammatory disease states.

- It is a great honour and a recognition of my work to receive a Hallas-Møller scholarship, and in addition it gives me peace to concentrate on my research without having to worry about applying for funds all the time, says Gregers Rom Andersen.

- In addition you are normally also partially "protected" from administration and teaching duties during the period of the scholarship to give you a chance to devote yourself fully to research, closes Dr. Andersen.

The Novo Nordisk Foundation awards two Hallas-Møller scholarships a year, which cover running expenses and the salary of the scholar. The scholarships, which will run for five years, are awarded to senior researchers in medicine and natural science, primarily in biomedical research, clinical research and basic biological research.

See previous press release on the C5 project, which has now triggered the the large grant from the Novo Nordisk Foundation: Molecular medicine: 16 years of research in the immune system now pay off.

See also the popular science article (in Danish): Den rumlige opbygning af proteiner fra immunforsvaret (The spatial structure of proteins from the immune system) - Dansk Kemi 6 October 2008.

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Associate Professor Gregers Rom Andersen, Department of Molecular Biology, Aarhus University, Denmark, tel. +45 8942 5024, fax +45 86123178, email: gra@mb.au.dk, website:http://www.bioxray.dk/research_gra_uk.php