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Torben Heick Jensen has been joined as a member of the Board of Reviewing Editors at the online journal <em>eLife</em>

<em>eLife</em> is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal for the biomedical and life sciences. It was sponsored by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Max Planck Society and Wellcome Trust following a workshop held in 2010 at the Janelia Farm Research Campus and finally established at the end of 2012.

Torben Heick Jensen

Besides providing open access and high quality scientific publishing, the purpose of eLife is to devise a constructive, rapid and efficient editorial process where active scientists play a central role, so that any requests for revision can be carefully vetted and crafted before they are sent to the author. 

The eLife editor-in-chief is Nobel Laureate Randy Schekman (University of California, Berkeley); deputy editors are Fiona Watt (King's College London) and Detlef Weigel (Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen).

More information about eLife: http://elifesciences.org/about.

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