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Photos: Tamo Meijburg (and Anna Marie Nielsen and Lisbeth Heilesen), MBG

The official opening of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in the University City took place on Friday 22 September 2023.

There were speeches by Rector Brian Bech Nielsen, Dean Kristian Pedersen, Member of Parliament Stinus Lindgreen, Director Jørgen Lang, FEAS and Head of Department Erik Østergaard Jensen.
This was followed by video and music by Tao Højgaard
There was a guided tour of the department for the external guests and a reception for guests, staff and students.

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Guided tour of the department

Reception in the canteen

During the reception in the canteen, two employees - Sergey Fedosov and Turgut Yigit Akyol - sang and played two songs they had written for the occasion - The House of MBG and The Protein Synthesis (Tune - My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean)