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The Queen of Denmark visits the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

As the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) is the first department to move into the University City, it was decided that Queen Margrethe II should visit the department to see how a hospital after three years of renovation has been transformed into a department with teaching and research laboratories.

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The Queen of Denmark greets Associate Professor Magnus Kjærgaard and his three PhD students Emily Pheasant, Josephine Dannersø Nissen and Sara Basse. At the back, from left: Head of Department Erik Østergaard Jensen and Rector Brian Bech Nielsen. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU photo.

The Queen was received by Rector Brian Bech Nielsen, Dean of Science Kristian Pedersen and Head of Department at MBG Erik Østergaard Jensen. During her visit, the Queen was presented with the University City as a 3D model via iPad, posters and a model of the building plans.

Associate Professor Magnus Kjærgaard from MBG then told the Queen about his research in molecular neurobiology. Here he and some of his PhD students showed the Queen, how the Basic Research Center PROMEMO studies the molecular mechanisms that control our memory. The visit to MBG ended with an introduction to the entrepreneurial activities at AU by Lone Ryg Olsen, Business Director for Business & Innovation, AU.

About the Department

In January 2022, the 350 employees and 500 students at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics moved into the University City, which until 2018 housed the former Municipal Hospital (“Kommunehospital”), which has now moved to Skejby. With the move, the department, which was previously located at three different addresses, was now gathered at one address. The department's research is divided into five main areas: plant molecular biology, neurobiology, RNA biology and innovation, protein science and cellular health, intervention and nutrition.

About the Queen’s visit

The visit to MBG is part of the Queen's annual summer cruise with the Royal Ship "Dannebrog" around the country, where she visits Aarhus on 3 and 4 June 2022. In addition to the visit to MBG, the Queen visits Generationernes Hus, the volunteer ReThinkers, Lighthouse (dinner), Aarhus Havnecenter, bookstore Kristian F. Møller, Salling, Gellerup as well as a folk festival and carriage ride in Mindeparken.