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Ebbe Sloth Andersen honoured by the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences

Associate Professor Ebbe S. Andersen is awarded the Danish polymer prize, Elastyrenprisen 2021, for being internationally recognized and pioneer within biopolymer research, including RNA origami. The award is given by the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV).

Ebbe S. Andersen has received the Danish polymer Prize - ATV | Elastyrenprisen 2021. Chairman of the Prize committee Niels Chr. Nielsen also gave the prize to Associate Professor Anders Egede Daugaard (DTU). Photo: Tom Jersø

Associate Professor Ebbe S. Andersen, INANO/Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Aarhus University, is this year's recipient of The Danish Polymer Prize - ATV | Elastyrenprisen. The award was presented at ATV's annual meeting on 21 June. In the justification for awarding the prize, it is stated: 

”Ebbe S. Andersen is awarded the prize for his pioneering research in biopolymer research, including RNA origami aimed at biotechnological and medical applications. He is an internationally highly regarded researcher with several published papers in top journals such as Science and Nature, has received financial support, e.g. from the ERC to build a strong research group and has received awards involving students in international prestigious competitions, among others."

The Prize Committee also highlights Ebbe S. Andersen's dissemination of knowledge both in the world of research and to the general population, as well as his focus on the practical applications of his research.

In addition, the committee has emphasized that Ebbe S. Andersen has distinguished himself in relation to the education of a large number of graduates and PhDs of great importance for polymer research in academia as well as in Danish industrial companies.

About ATV?Elastyrenprisen

The ATV?Elastyren Prize is awarded every year for the purpose of motivating and supporting Danish chemical research. Candidates for the award must have excelled by contributing to innovation and through significant results in the field of chemical research and development of synthetic or biological polymers for medical use. Criteria that both this year's award recipients meet to a very high degree. The price is DKK 100,000 (DKK 50,000 per recipient) and is given as a personal recognition. The Elastyren Prize was awarded this year for the 13th and final time.

Read the press release by Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV)         

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