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Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics receives artworks from The Danish Arts Foundation

A collection of artworks has recently been installed at MBG, courtesy of The Danish Arts Foundation. The collection will be on display for a minimum of ten years.

One of the artists, Jørgen Michaelsen, has an extensive installation at MBG (photos in the news article: Lisbeth Heilesen)

It all began back in June 2022, when Rikke Mie Rahbek sent in an application to The Danish Arts Foundation. The idea was to borrow and install some art in an attempt to add to the aesthetic aspect of the buildings – specifically in and around the canteen which still had somewhat of a hospital-like atmosphere.

The application was approved in November 2022 and in May 2023 things started to happen when the department and its newly established art committee was visited by Frederikke Rahbek Juncker from The Danish Arts Foundation. Frederikke brought with her a list of suggested art works, an agreement was reached, and the practical work of planning transportation and installation of the works could finally begin.

The first work that went up, in the foyer, in September 2023 is by Mads Gamdrup. Gamdrup was born in 1967 and educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The work consists of a delicate yellow print of a butterfly on a white background. The work is a classic example of Gamdrup’s style which often involves photography and prints.

Also in September, the walls in and around the canteen were painted and prepared for Jørgen Michaelsen’s installation which was completed in November. Michaelsen was born in 1961 and educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The installation is a mixture of framed cut outs, collage and text with multidisciplinary themes.

In December, Michaelsen’s installation was joined by three art works from two different artists – Christian Finne and Cecilia de Jong. Finne was born in 1974 and educated at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Finne explores psychedelic states of mind, and his work is often an alternative perspective on the world.

Cecilia de Jong was born in 1979 and educated at Funen Art Academy. De Jong has a meditative approach to her art and it often contains repetitive, geometric designs in bright colours.

In January, the final artworks joined the collection when Rikard Thambert came and installed his two sculptures, flanking the doors to the auditorium. Thambert was born in Stokholm in 1988 and educated at The School of Sculpture Charlottenborg, a branch of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Thambert’s art focuses on the human body and he creates his sculptures out of classical materials such as plaster or marble with references to minimalism.

Inauguration of the art exhibition on Friday 26 January 2024

The department had invited staff, students and the artists of the works to the inauguration of the art exhibition.

Photos from the inauguration on 26 January 2024

Photos in this news article are all taken by Lisbeth Heilesen