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Suresh Rattan receives the “Outstanding Career Achievement Award”

The International Dose Response Society in USA has announced their 2017 “Outstanding Career Achievement Award” to Suresh Rattan for his long-standing work on the application of hormesis in ageing research and interventions.

Suresh Rattan

Hormesis is the phenomenon of biphasic dose response in which repeated exposures to low level stress lead to health beneficial effects, including slowing down ageing and increasing the lifespan. Moderate physical exercise is the best example of this phenomenon. This award recognizes Suresh Rattan for his research on hormesis in ageing for more than 20 years. This research has shown that repeated mild heat shock, non-nutritional food components such as curcumin, and once-a-week fasting are mild stress-inducing hormetins, which improve health and extend the lifespan of human cells in culture.

The International Dose Response Society “…is dedicated to the enhancement, exchange, and dissemination of ongoing global research efforts concerning underlying mechanisms of dose dependent transitions in the low dose zone as maybe seen in threshold and hormesis dose-response models” (http://dose-response.org/). Suresh Rattan will be given the award at the 16th Annual International Conference, ‘Preconditioning in Biology and Medicine: Mechanisms and Translational Research’, to be held at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA on April 18-19, 2017.

Read more about the International Dose-Response Society.

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