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Magnus Kjærgaard awarded prestigious grant

Magnus Kjærgaard was awarded a grant of DKK 5 million by VILLUM FONDEN's Young Investigator Programme 2016, supporting young, talented researchers. The grant will allow Magnus to investigate how the physical association of biomolecules affects signalling pathways.

Magnus Kjærgaard was awarded DKK 5 million from VILLUM FONDEN'S Young Investigator Programme. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Foto

Magnus Kjærgaard's project is entitled "Joined at the hip: Quantifying effective concentrations in supra-molecular biological assemblies".

Biological cells are well-organised machines, where every component has to be in the correct position. This organisation arises from binding between proteins in large dynamic complexes. The connection between the proteins affects many biochemical processes, which is currently poorly understood. The project will explore the functional effect of supra-molecular structures in biology by developing methods to measure and predict effective concentrations in protein complexes. The grant will allow recruitment of two postdocs and fund running costs..

Magnus Kjærgaard is a postdoc and affiliated group leader with Poul Nissen's group at MBG-DANDRITE.

About VILLUM FONDEN's Young Investigator Programme

Each year VILLUM FONDEN grants a number of large amounts for young researchers at universities to accelerate their research careers. VILLUM FONDEN´s Young Investigator Programme was established in 2011 to target funds to the younger - Danish as well as foreign - research talents who often stand in the shadow of the more well-known and well-established professors.

For further information, please contact

Postdoc Magnus Kjærgaard
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics & iNANO
Aarhus University
magnus@inano.au.dk - +45 87155859