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Information to project supervisors

MBG virtual project day

The project day where the PIs present their bachelor and master projects will take place virtually this year on 1 September 2020 at 13-14:30.

During this scheduled time, participating PIs will present their BSc/MSc projects in a personal Zoom session that students can join via a published list of meeting links, enabling them to circulate freely between the various groups and seeing posters through the share screen function in Zoom. This format will thus allow students to be introduced to a range of projects in a “live” fashion similarly to a physical poster session.  

In order to participate, please:

  • accept this invitation in Outlook
  • update your poster (if needed) and send it to Lisbeth Heilesen (lh@mbg.au.dk)
  • follow this guide to set up a Zoom meeting at the correct time and send the link to Lisbeth. Please follow the guide, so all Zoom sessions are identical
  • on Tuesday 1/9 at 1 pm: Join your own Zoom meeting and present your poster in PDF format by sharing your screen through zoom and discuss with students during the scheduled time

The list with posters and zoom links will be located on this page.

Poster template

For supervisors at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics:

To have your poster uploaded on the website: convert the PPT-file to a PDF-file (optimise for fast web view), and send it to Lisbeth Heilesen (lh@mbg.au.dk).

You can have your portrait photo in high resolution (or have a new one taken) by contacting Lisbeth Heilesen – lh@mbg.au.dk.