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Information to project supervisors

Information about project day for project supervisors at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

At the "Project Day", the groups get the chance to present bachelor and master projects to interested molecular biology, molecular medicine and biotechnology students.

It will be possible to present the groups individually, but posters can also be a coordinated presentation of a section. For each poster a responsible person should be assigned who will be responsible for presenting the poster and take it down after the poster session as well as helping with tidying up after the event. As default one poster board is allocated for each signed up poster.

Template for slides for the screens

In February, the slides will be shown on the screens in the study area for one week at a time (and they will be uploaded on the website), so that the students get a quick overview of the possibilities for projects at MBG.

Template for the slide - please keep the format (1920x1028 pixels) and the heading, but you are free to change the background colour, layout, font, etc. 

Please send the finished slide to Lisbeth Heilesen (lh@mbg.au.dk) for uploading on the website and screens.