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Thu 25 Feb
13:00-15:00 | Will be held virtually
Qualifying exam: Super Cold-Active (SCA) proteases – The Next-Generation of Industrial Enzymes
Casper Bøjer Rasmussen
Mon 01 Mar
10:15-12:00 | Will be held virtually
Qualifying exam: Aptamer-functionalized DNA transmembrane nanopore for protein sensing
Xialin Zhang
Thu 11 Mar
14:00-15:00 | Afholdes virtuelt
Kjeldgaard Lecture: Christine Mayr: Regulation of protein function by 3′UTRs
Thu 11 Mar
15:00-16:00 | Will be held virtually
DANDRITE Lecture: Richard L. Huganir: Regulation of Neurotransmitter Receptors in the Brain in Health and Disease
Mon 22 Mar
14:15-15:30 | The AIAS Auditorium, if possible. Virtually, if not.
AIAS Seminar: David Stokes: Transport of ions across biological membranes: Active transport of potassium and zinc in bacteria
Wed 12 May
10:00-16:00 | Will be held virtually
PhD & Postdoc symposium: Exploring Life Dynamics in and out of equilibrium
12-14 May 2021
Tue 01 Jun
10:00-16:00 | Will be held virtually
MBG Young Investigator Symposium, 1-3 June 2021
The purpose of the symposium is to attract early career researchers who will be eligible for one or more of the Danish investigator grants and offer them a base to establish themselves as independent group leaders for a limited time (5-7 years).