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MBG-BiRC Young Investigator Symposium 2024

The 2024 MBG/BiRC Young Investigator Symposium will be held from 07-08 October.

The symposium will be held online. 

Become part of the Young Investigator Research Programme and our new colleague at Aarhus University, Denmark

With this call, we wish to support talented and visionary scientists in applying for Danish investigator grants with the aim of establishing a research group at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) or Bioinformatics Research Center (BiRC), Aarhus University, Denmark. Research at MBG and BiRC spans a wide range of basic and applied themes within molecular and structural biology, data science, biochemistry, genomics, cell biology, genetics, and molecular medicine. The two units are co-habitating a newly refurbished building complex and offer a diverse environment that fosters novel and innovative research ideas and supports collaborative projects.

The call is specifically aimed at senior postdocs looking to establish their own independent groups as well as early-phase PIs at the assistant professor level. Applicants are expected to have a strong publication record and 3-8 years of post-doctoral experience. Entry into the programme is contingent on successful acquisition of external funding to establish a research group at Aarhus University by the summer/autumn of 2025. Selected applicants will initially be invited to present their work at the online

MBG/BiRC Young Investigator Symposium, 07-08 October 2024

and based on the presentations and discussions of research plans, a number of applicants will be offered mentoring on external funding opportunities with the aim of establishing a research group for a period of 5 years. In addition, outstanding candidates will be able to negotiate a 3-year extension of their own salary under the programme.

At Aarhus University, we focus on creating an inclusive, stimulating, and international research environment with equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, or religion. As a country, Denmark offers a great work-life balance with excellent parenting and parental leave options. MBG Young Investigator Research Programme candidates qualify for a personal career mentor and the possibility to participate in the Aarhus University Junior Researcher Development Programme.

For further information on our departments, please visit mbg.au.dk/en and birc.au.dk.

The deadline to apply for the MBG/BiRC Young Investigator Symposium 2024 is 31 August 2024.