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MBG PhD Career day with AU Career

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics holds a PhD Career Day in collaboration with AU Career on

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Venue: Preben Hornung Stuen, Building 1422, Fredrik Nielsens vej 2

AU Career PhD & JR (Vibeke Broe & Dorte Petersen)

To increase PhD Students and Postdocs’ career awareness by providing them with knowledge and understanding of how they develop their career skills at different stages of their research training.

Overall structure of the day:
The morning programme is specifically targeted Part A PhD students, and will focus on how to incorporate career thinking in the PhD and how to develop career skills during the PhD to become a “career wise researcher”. 

The afternoon programme is primarily targeted Part B PhD students and postdocs, and focus is on the transition from current job into the next one - all the way from the decision-making process to the actual “how to do it”. 

It is possible to participate both in the morning and in the afternoon programme. Please sign up for up for both sessions if you want to do so.

Session #1: Becoming a Career wise researcher (Part A PhD students)

9.00-9.30: Welcome to the participants and introduction to the morning programme.

9.30-10.15: Career thinking during your PhD

Why is career thinking important? What does it mean to develop career skills and to be a career wise researcher, and what is important to you? How can you talk about career with your supervisor?

10.15-10.30: Coffee break

10.30-11.30:  Where should your PhD take you?

In this session, you will consider different paths your PhD can take you. You will work on uncovering what values and interests that can guide you, and we will discuss how career planning can help you in reaching your career goals.

11.30- 11.50: Action plan reflection.

What will be your first next step?

11.50-12.00: Summarizing Session 1: questions, comments, feedback.

12.00-12.30: Lunch

Session #2:  From PhD to next job  (Part B PhD students and Postdocs)

12.30-12.45: Introduction and welcome to (new) participants

12.45-13.45: Career decision making

Career decision making is difficult and for many a challenging process. In this session, we will discuss what you should consider before you start applying for jobs, so you get it right the first time, whether you see yourself in- or outside of academia.

13.45-14.00: Coffee break

14.00-15.00: Making the transition

Making the transition from one job to the next rarely happens overnight. So how do you prepare for a smooth transition: where to look for jobs, how to use your network and reach out, how to communicate your skills and when should you do what?

15.00-15.20: Action Plan Reflection

What will be your first next step and how do you work with career planning.

15.20-15.30: Reflection, comments and feedback

15.30: Thank you and Goodbye