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ITEASc workshops

The seminar series and facility visits integrated in the courses represent an excellent opportunity for teachers and students to interact and network between study programs and institutions. The yearly ITEASc workshops are dedicated to further strengthening these interactions and to improving the quality of the courses through student feedback and inspiration from international guest speakers.

The 1.5 day-long workshops including an overnight stay will take place in mid-August, after the students have completed the courses, and will include the following activities:

  • facilitated workshop on interdisciplinary communication in science.
  • keynote talks from two international speakers on interdisciplinary teaching and research.
  • poster session where students present the results of their experiments and data analyses.
  • student course feedback, evaluation, and improvement suggestions, including discussions in cross-course student groups.
  • student pitch-challenge. Students compete for the best one-minute pitch of an interdisciplinary research project. ITEASc will sponsor a grand pitch prize.
  • teacher workshop aimed at:
    - identifying synergies, developing and improving the courses.
    - sharing experience with interdisciplinary teaching.
    - identifying ways to integrate interdisciplinary teaching into university educations.
  • lunch, dinner and coffee breaks with time for informal discussions and networking

The ITEASc workshop 2024 will be held on Thursday 29 August to Friday 30 August at Milling Park Hotel in Middelfart.
The Workshop is free of charge.

A deposit of 200 DKK is asked when signing up, the deposit will be refunded on the first day of the workshop. No-shows will not be refunded.

Program and workshop information