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Kasper Røjkjær Andersen

  • Kasper Røjkjær Andersen's group (2 December 2021)


We are interested in understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying how plants accommodate symbiotic microorganisms and at the same time defend against pathogens. In legumes, LysM receptor-like kinases perceive carbohydrate-signalling molecules from bacteria (Nod factors and exopolysaccharides) and fungi (Myc factors and chitin) and in this way distinguish symbionts from pathogen. We are investigating how these membrane-bound LysM receptors recognize their different ligands and initiates intracellular signalling using a structural, biochemical and genetic approach. The long-term goal is to uncover the downstream signalling pathways following ligand recognition by identifying the components and sequence of events enabling legume-bacteria symbiosis and defence.

If you are interested in our work and would like to join, please contact Kasper Røjkjær Andersen (kra@mbg.au.dk).

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