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Group leader

Peter Andersen - Laboratory on Genetic Innovation

Peter Ebert Andersen (previously Peter Refsing Andersen)

Credit: Ida Marie Jensen, AU Photo    

Scientific Career

Since 2019    Group leader at MBG, Aarhus University (tenure-track Assistant Professor)                             

2013-2019     Postdoctoral work at IMBA, Vienna Austria in the laboratory of Julius Brennecke

2008-2012     PhD work at MBG, Aarhus University in the laboratory of Torben Heick Jensen

Current Affiliations

Faculty member at MBG, Aarhus University

Fellow at AIAS, Aarhus University (COFUND-fellowship 2019-2022)

Member of the Young Academy under The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters

Key research papers during PhD and postdoctoral training

  • ElMaghraby, M.F.*, Andersen, P.R.#*, Pühringer, F., Hohmann, U., Meixner, K., Lendl, T., Tirian, L., and Brennecke, J.#. A Heterochromatin-Specific RNA Export Pathway Facilitates piRNA Production. Cell 178, 964-979.e20. (2019)
  • Andersen, P. R.#, Tirian, L., Vunjak, M. & Brennecke, J.# A heterochromatin-dependent transcription machinery drives piRNA expression. Nature 549, 54–59 (2017).

Highlight: Zamore, P. D. Molecular biology: Rhino gives voice to silent chromatin. Nature 549, 38–39 (2017).
Highlight: Burgess, D. J. Chromatin: Probing a piRNA paradox. Nat Rev Genet 18, 638–639 (2017).

  • Lubas, M.*, Andersen, P.R.*, Schein, A., Dziembowski, A., Kudla, G. & Jensen, T.H. The Human Nuclear Exosome Targeting Complex Is Loaded onto Newly Synthesized RNA to Direct Early Ribonucleolysis. Cell Reports 10, 178–192 (2015).
  • Andersson, R.*, Andersen, P.R.*, Valen, E., Core, L.J., Bornholdt, J., Boyd, M., Jensen, T.H. & Sandelin, A. Nuclear stability and transcriptional directionality separate functionally distinct RNA species. Nature Communications 5, 5336 (2014).
  • Andersen, P. R.*, Domanski, M.*, Kristiansen, M. S., Storvall, H., Ntini, E., Verheggen, C., Schein, A., Bunkenborg, J., Poser, I., Hallais, M., Sandberg, R., Hyman, A., LaCava, J., Rout, M. P., Andersen, J. S., Bertrand, E. & Jensen, T. H. The human cap-binding complex is functionally connected to the nuclear RNA exosome. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 20, 1367–1376 (2013).

Highlight: Müller-McNicoll, M. & Neugebauer, K. M. Good cap/bad cap: how the cap-binding complex determines RNA fate. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 21, 9–12 (2014).

  • Valen, E.*, Preker, P.*, Andersen, P. R.*, Zhao, X., Chen, Y., Ender, C., Deuck, A., Meister, G., Sandelin, A. & Jensen, T. H. Biogenic mechanisms and utilization of small RNAs derived from human protein-coding genes. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology, 18(9), 1075–1082 (2011).

* Shared first-authorship, # Shared corresponding authorship