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Peter Andersen - Laboratory on Genetic Innovation

Revealing how genes fight each other for space in the genome

Spread of DNA parasites can destroy important genes, so all forms of life have evolved genome defence mechanisms to keep the parasites in check. With a grant of DKK 6.2 mio. from the Independent Research Fund Denmark’s Sapere Aude programme, Peter Refsing Andersen will uncover the strategies used by DNA parasites to evade the genomic defence mechanisms. It is the aim that these genetic studies will improve our biological and medical insight and treatment.

Smuggling route for cells protects DNA from parasites

An international research team has now uncovered new insight into how safety mechanisms keep genetic parasites in check so that they do not damage the genome. In the long term, the results can help to understand and remedy some of the genetic problems in humans, such as low fertility.

Peter Refsing Andersen awarded the Hallas-Møller Emerging Investigator grant

Postdoc Peter Refsing Andersen from the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA) at Vienna BioCenter in Austria has been awarded a Hallas-Møller Emerging Investigator grant of DKK 10 mio. (ca. Euro 1,342,320) over the next five years to establish a research group at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, AU, to study genetic parasites.