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PhD defences

Popular description of the PhD students' research in connection with the defence of the PhD dissertation

Sigrid Thirup Larsen

2020.01.20 |

Sigrid Thirup Larsen: Understanding the Regulatory Mechanism of a Calcium Transporter

PhD defence, Monday 20 January 2020. Sigrid Thirup Larsen.

Karoline Kragh Ebbesen

2020.01.09 |

Karoline Kragh Ebbesen: Circular RNAs – an enigmatic regulator of gene expression

PhD defence, Thursday 9 January 2020, Karoline Kragh Ebbesen.

Mette Høiberg Ozol
The sodium potassium pump (grey oval) is situated in the cell membrane. In the upper part of the figure the pump has three sodium ions bound and these are released going to the bottom part of the figure. The fluorophore (green and blue light bulb) change color as the sodium ions are released because the area near it is changing.

2019.12.18 |

Mette Høiberg Ozol: Mechanistic studies of a protein important for the salt balance of the body

PhD defence, Thursday 18 December 2019, Mette Høiberg Ozol.

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