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PhD defences

Popular description of the PhD students' research in connection with the defence of the PhD dissertation

Cecilie Kirkeby Skeby

2018.06.13 |

Cecilie Kirkeby Skeby: Understanding Diabetes Mellitus through circular RNAs

PhD defence, Wednesday 13 June 2018, Cecilie Kirkeby Skeby.

Ewa Molska

2018.04.10 |

Ewa Molska: Diverse RNA classes use common maturation pathways

PhD defense, Tuesday 10 April 2018 Ewa Molska

Nadia Sukusu Nielsen

2018.04.04 |

Nadia Sukusu Nielsen: Investigation of the Disease Mechanisms of TGFBI-linked Corneal Dystrophies

PhD defence, Wednesday 4 April 2018, Nadia Sukusu Nielsen.

Henriette Kristina Søster Frislev

2018.01.26 |

Henriette Kristina Søster Frislev: Usability of cytotoxic protein-fat complexes

PhD defence, Friday, 26 January 2018. Henriette Kristina Søster Frislev

Jeryl Cheng

2018.01.18 |

Jeryl Cheng: The role of LysM Receptor-like kinases in Lotus japonicus: Are you my Friend or Foe?

PhD defence, Thursday 18 January 2018. Jeryl Cheng.

Fang Fang

2018.01.05 |

Fang Fang: Analysis of microRNAs in honey bee - further understanding of caste determination

PhD defence, Friday 5 January 2018, PhD student Fang Fang

Qianqian Zhang

2017.12.19 |

Qianqian Zhang: Towards Cattle Precision Breeding Using Next Generation Sequencing

PhD defence, Tuesday 19 December 2017, Qianqian Zhang.

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