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Julián Valero


Our group is passionate about nucleic acids (DNA, RNA and XNA). We focus on a unique angle that combines cutting edge nanotechnology tools, nucleic acid chemistry and in vitro evolution techniques to develop novel nucleic acid systems that display a wide variety of functionalities. In particular, we employ new chemistries that enable us expanding the genetic lexicon and chemical space compared to Nature´s toolbox. With this in hand, we can design synthetic biology systems that can establish novel interactions, molecular dynamics, communications and synapses, and use them for studying biologically relevant processes or for therapeutic targeting. The main research milestones of the lab is to apply these systems for: 

  • Biomedicine and diagnostics: Develop novel oligonucleotide-based therapies, specific disease targeting and profiling of biomarkers, improved RNA delivery as well as implementation of point-of-care detection platforms. 
  • Synthetic biology: Develop artificial molecular motors and catalytic systems mimicking enzymes. 
  • Molecular biology and nanotechnology: Generate nucleic acid-based (supra)molecular tools that allow us to get a better grasp on complex biological processes, for instance by applying single-molecule techniques with high spatio-temporal resolution. 

If you are interested in working with us, please check our open positions or directly contact with us, even when there are no current positions available. We are always looking for motivated and talented people that enjoys scientific challenges and a good lab experiences and environment.