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Guidelines for hosts at Kjeldgaard Lectures

The host of the speaker has the following tasks:

  • informs the speaker about the best way to travel to Aarhus (possible airports, airport bus, train, how to get to the hotel, etc.). Only in special cases, taxi transfers can be arranged to/from the airport. 
  • finds relevant researchers at MBG or anyone who wishes talk to the guest and possibly invite him/her to dinner
  • books a hotel room. Rikke Mie Rahbek might be able to do this for you.
  • books a restaurant and invites the guest and 2-3 other relevant people for dinner, see rules for max. amount. The names of the people attending the dinner must be written on the restaurant bill. Write also "Kjeldgaard Lecture" on the bill before sending it to the Department's financial partner
  • asks the lecturer to submit proposals for one review and one recent scientific paper for use in the PhD session   
  • introduces the guest at the start of the lecture  
  • informs the lecturer about the PhD Discussion Forum (and is present during the session)
  • makes sure that the lecturer gets a travel claim form, which he/she must fill out and send to the Department's financial partner together with a copy of tickets and other receipts.

Rikke Mie Rahbek

  • books an auditorium for the lecture and subsequent PhD Discussion Forum
  • orders food (sandwiches/water or coffee/tea /cake) at one of the canteens
  • asks the host to ask the lecturer for an abstract no later than two weeks before the talk
  • makes a programme and a poster with the abstract
  • sends out the Kjeldgaard lecture programme to all staff/students at MBG as well as to external collaborators
  • sends out the poster with the abstract approx. one week before and the same morning to all staff/students at MBG
  • sends the poster with the abstract to external partners one week before the talk
  • updates the mailing list for external collaborators