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01.08.2018 | Medarbejdernyhed


We are sorry that three of our long-standing PostDocs Logan, Marta and Aga have left the lab this summer. Thanks for everything and all the best for your future!

28.05.2018 | Forskning, Udgivelse

New nuclear RNA retention activity discovered

Gene expression involves mRNA transport from its place of synthesis to the cytoplasm where protein translation occurs. However, many non-coding RNA species do not follow this flow and new data now demonstrate how cells prevent the unwanted export of RNA and instead ensure nuclear degradation.

16.04.2018 | Forskning

Ewa Molska, PhD

Ewa defended her PhD on April, 10th. Congratulations and Good Luck with your future!

04.01.2018 | Udgivelse, Forskning

Researchers reveal dual role for human RNA decay factor

Researchers at Aarhus University have characterized the human RNA decay factor ZC3H18 and discovered its unanticipated role in the production of protein-coding RNA. The new study, published this week in Cell Reports, therefore reveals a double-faced activity of ZC3H18 in nuclear RNA fate decisions.


25.04.2017 | Medarbejdernyhed

New members and one farewell

We are welcoming PhD student Dennis Johnsen and PostDocs Ross Cordiner, Jerome Rouviere, Guifen Wui and Katsutoshi Imamura who joined recently to the lab. But we also had to say goodbye to Kinga who left for a PostDoc in the UK.

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