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Leica THUNDER Imager Model Organism & Microinjector

Fluorescence stereomicroscope with computational clearing

The system consists of a fluorescence stereomicroscope (M205 FCA), a camera (DFC9000 GT), an external light source (CoolLED pE-300 white) and a THUNDER Imager workstation for confocal-like image processing by computational clearing. Six filter sets are currently available: DAPI (ex350/em460), Pacific Blue (ex376/em450), GFP1 narrow band (ex470/em510), mCherry (ex560/em630), Cy5 (ex620/em700) and Cy5.5 (ex650/em710). This system is routinely used for transgene screening of zebrafish embryos as well as live imaging of the whole-embryo and at the organ/tissue level.

The microinjection device coupled to this system allows injection/needle-wounding while the specimen is being imaged. In particular, we use this combination for live imaging of the embryos right after the injection/wounding to track the time-sensitive phenomena that could otherwise be overlooked in other microscope approaches.

The first 10 minutes post-injection are critical for imaging of nanoparticle clearance

Nanoparticles (cyan) were intravenously injected into a 2-dpf zebrafish embryo and the imaging of their circulation in the bloodstream was initiated right after the injection.

Embryo Handling

Leica s9 i Stereomicroscope & Microinjector

Stereomicroscope with an integrated camera for teaching and training

We are very proud of having a stereomicroscope with an integrated camera for easy and simultaneous monitoring of the specimen on a display. Students quickly learn about the different developmental stages of zebrafish embryos and how they are handled under the microscope. It has proved especially useful for training of microinjections and needle-wounding. Snapshots and video recording can also be done by a remote controller, if students observe something unusual or worthy reporting to the supervisors ;)

Unlike the microinjector setup coupled to the THUNDER Imager, this microscope is also often used for routine and time-insensitive experiments involving microinjections and needle-wounding.