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Poul Nissen

A collection of P-type ATPase structures from the Nissen lab. Figure courtesy of Dr. Oleg Sitsel.   


Nissen group - Structural and Functional Studies of Membrane Proteins in Brain

The Nissen group investigates molecular mechanisms of membrane transport processes, receptors, and biomembrane ultrastructure. Activities are mainly focused on cryo-electron microscopy (Cryo-EM), protein crystallography, biochemistry, electrophysiology, and include also small-angle X-ray scattering and cryo-electron tomography. Main subjects of research concern membrane transporters and receptors involved with neurological and psychiatric disorders, i.e. P-type ATPase (Na,K-ATPase, Ca-ATPases, lipid flippases, P5-ATPases), Na+ dependent neurotransmitter and chloride transporters, and insulin receptor signaling. studies include also structure based drug discovery and protein engineering. Biomembrane ultrastructures of neurons focus on axons and synapses associated with memory.

Our investigations link also to translational studies of neurological and psychiatric disorders associated with perturbed ion transport or metabolic control. 

Methods development and integrative structural biology and bioimaging is also of great interest to the group.

Research Areas: Membrane proteins, Membrane transport and signaling, single-particle Cryo-EM, Cryo-Electron Tomography, Crystallography, Biochemistry, Drug discovery 

Group photo Nissen lab (2023) 

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