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Lisbeth Heilesen


Communications Consultant

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Lisbeth Heilesen

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Job responsibilities

Areas of work

Overall responsibility for the development, coordination and implementation of the department's communication and dissemination activities on various communication platforms to the department's stakeholders about the department's research, education and other relevant activities.

Main tasks

  • overall responsibility for the creation, development and maintenance of the department's external and internal websites in Danish and English as well as assistance with the creation and maintenance of various websites (centres, grants, conferences, study portals, etc.) for the department's employees and the faculty 
  • responsible for the department's research communication in Danish and English (incl. press releases)  
  • development and implementation of the department's internal and external communication (incl. a weekly newsletter for the department's employees and students as well as information screens) 
  • responsible for the department's social media (X, LinkedIn and Facebook) 
  • development, design and production of the department's PR and information material (in InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) 
  • photography of the department's employees and students for their profile pages on the web, as well as photos for the department's press releases, websites, newsletters, reports, PR and information material, etc. 
  • Translation (Danish and English) of major and minor translation tasks for the department management and employees (as well as websites, press releases, newsletters, reports, safety regulations, scientific articles, etc.)

Selected publications

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