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Thesis projects

Student projects at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics for degree programmes in Molecular Biology, Molecular MedicineBiotechnology.and Bioinformatics. You are welcome to contact individual main supervisors to discuss carrying out a project with them.

It is also possible to carry out your research project at the Department of Biomedicine and the Department of Clinical Medicine.

Project day for presentation of research projects for students

Every year, a project day is held in April/May where all the supervisors present a poster with the research project(s) they can offer students. Time and date will be announced on this page when decided.

Projects for Bachelor-, Project-, Master and PhD students

Supervisor Research project
Aalten, Daan van The mechanisms of a new neurodevelopmental disorder

Andersen, Anni Hangaard

The importance of DNA topoisomerases and RecQ helicases for premature ageing and the development of cancer

Andersen, Ebbe Sloth RNA Biomolecular design - Vision and approach

Andersen, Gregers Rom

Structure-function studies of the immune system

Andersen, Kasper Røjkjær

Receptor-mediated signalling - how pattern recognition receptors control plant-microbe interactions

Andersen, Peter Ebert Functional consequences of genome defense arms race evolution
Andersen, Stig Uggerhøj Single-cell RNA-seq in Lotus japonicus
Bataillon, Thomas Bioinformatics

Bjergbæk, Lotte

Genomic instability and cancer

Boesen, Thomas

Molecular microbiology

Bofill de Ros, Xavier MicroRNA metabolism in tumors

Brodersen, Ditlev Egeskov

Bacterial survival mechanisms

Damgaard, Christian Kroun

Molecular mechanisms in human health and disease

Flygaard, Rasmus Kock
Gavrin, Aleksandr Enhancing symbiotic nitrogen fixation for sustainable agricultural production

Enghild, Jan J.

Protein characterisation and Proteomics

Hartmann, Rune

Innate immunity to viral infections

Hayashi, Yuya Zebrafish, Extracellular Vesicle Biology & Safe-by-Design RNA Origami

Heegaard, Christian Würtz

NPC2 substitution, atherosclerosis and neurodegeneration

Jensen, Torben Heick

RNA Biogenesis and Metabolism

Kitazawa, Taro

Kjems, Jørgen

Nucleic acid biology and technology

Kjærgaard, Magnus

Disordered proteins in memory, signalling and biotech
Knudsen, Birgitta R. Methods for diagnosis and treatment of human diseases: infectious diseases, stress and systemic sclerosis

Knudsen, Charlotte Rohde

The protein synthesis machinery in health and disease

Kvitsiani, Duda
Lin, Jieshun Dissecting the zinc regulated Fixation Under Nitrate(FUN) pathway in legumes
Lorentzen, Esben   Molecular basis of cilium formation
Lyons, Joseph Structural and functional characterisation of lipid transport and metabolism

Martensen, Pia Møller

Mitochondria in health and disease

Munch, Kasper Bioinformatics
Nabavi, Sadegh Memory Formation at Synaptic and Circuit Levels
Nissen, Poul Membrane transporters and receptors in Brain

Otzen, Daniel

Protein aggregation, folding, stability and activity

Oxvig, Claus

Function of protease / inhibitor pairs in cellular growth and related disease mechanisms

Pedersen, Bjørn Panyella

Molecular Mechanisms behind Cholesterol and Sugar Uptake

Pedersen, Christian Storm Bioinformatics

Pedersen, Lene

Mental disorders, mesenchymal stem cell function, basal cellular functions and retrovirus

Radutoiu, Simona

Plant-microbe interactions

Rasmussen, Jan Trige

Phospholipid particles - structure and function

Schierup, Mikkel Heide Bioinformatics

Stevnsner, Tinna V.

Ageing, DNA Repair and Mitochondrial Function

Sun, Chao Investigation of protein machines that manage the molecular logistics of brain synapses

Sørensen, Esben Skipper

Bioactive milk proteins

Thirup, Søren Skou

Structure of receptors in synapse formation

Thomsen, Bo

Epigenetics - Gene expression - Disease genes

Valero, Julián Chemically modified RNA for synthetic biology and medicine
Vanwalleghem, Gilles Neurobiology of the gut-brain axis
Villesen, Palle Bioinformatics
Ørom, Ulf Andersson Vang Non-coding RNA biogenesis