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Jørgen Kjems

Research project: Nucleic Acid Function and Technology


-> Constructing functionalised self-assembled DNA and RNA nanostructures capable of complex biosensing, coupled with controlled action such as drug release, enzyme activation and receptor signalling.

 -> Understanding the biogenesis and function of small non-coding RNAs and circular RNAs. In particular, we're interested in how circRNAs are formed in the cell and how they function in development and disease.

 -> The creation of novel bioimaging and delivery systems for gene medicine including small RNAs, nanobodies and Cas9 with a specific focus on inflammation, cancer, influenza and tissue regeneration.

 -> Using DNA and RNA aptamers for targeted delivery, detection and inhibition of viral proteins and to profile complex biological samples.

Kjems lab 2018
Lab retreat to Oddesund, May 2019