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Julefrokost ved MBG 2023

Christmas party at MBG on Friday 15 December 2023


  • 13:45 Group photo of the whole MBG in front of building 1870 (weather permitting). In the event of bad weather, the group photo will be taken in the Nucleus auditorium
  • 14:00 Nisse run - Sign up here: Nisse Run 2024 (au.dk) and there will be some great prizes for the winners and a fantastic way to warm up
  • 16:00 Preparation of the canteen with entertainment: foosball tables, ping pong, beer pong - I will kindly ask each floor to send 1 or 2 people to help set up the area (we will be using the whole area around the auditorium and the canteen)
  • 17:00 Christmas lunch on each floor 
  • 19:00 The MBiG band will welcome us to the canteen, where all can join in on singing a couple of songs and create a great atmosphere. The CRISBaR will open for drinks 
  • 19:30 the DJ (Lotte) will start playing music and the dance floor is open for everyone until 1.00 

      The entertainment area is open for games and the photobooth will be ready to take fabulous pictures of you