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Brian Clark Biotech Lectures

The Brian Clark Biotech Lectures series has focus on local biotech companies including a number of recently established spin-out and start-up companies.

Hereby the department expects to increase the awareness amongst all types of students and postdocs with respect to the career opportunities in the Aarhus area. Furthermore, the lectures will also assist students and postdocs in acquiring the competences that make them attractive for the companies presenting. The lectures are open to everyone at MBG and AU.

More information regarding the upcoming lectures with local biotech companies can be obtained from Birgitta R Knudsen, Søren Lykke-Andersen and Gregers Rom Andersen

Tuesday 16 May 2023 at 15:00

Lea Thøgersen
Director of Bioinformatics, QIAGEN Aarhus

The Biotech lecture series was named after the founder of Biostructural Chemistry Division (now Section for Protein Science):

Brian F.C. Clark