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Career event

Come to a unique career event with five MBG graduates who are all employed at Novo Nordisk

Wednesday 27 September 2023 at 14:15-17:00
MBG Auditorium (1871-120)

Registration: no later than Monday 25 September at noon.

The event will be held in English and is for all students at MBG - including PhD students

Hear about their career paths and daily job functions.

The presenters all graduated from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and they have been employed at Novo Nordisk for 3-11 years and have very different job functions such as Research & Development, QA & QC, Quality & IT and Clinical Drug Development.


14:15-14:30   Our story at Novo Nordisk - Charlotte Harmsen

14:30-15:15   Career path and daily job - Jeanette Schlicting Kirkegaard, Katrine Hammer, Berit Sneftrup Knudsen

15:15-15:30   Break with coffee/tea and cake

15:30-16:00   Career path and daily job - Bjarke Primdal-Bengtson, Charlotte Harmsen

16:00-16:45   Panel discussion: Ask anything - all five MBG graduates

16:45             Mingling and sandwiches - all five MBG graduates

Navigating Careers after University:

Stories from Five Novo Nordisk Employees with a background in Molecular Biology

Join us September 27th as we return to AU to share our career journeys, learnings, and current roles at Novo Nordisk.

We started to study Molecular Biology together back in 2007, and since then, our paths have led us to Novo Nordisk. Today, we hold diverse positions across the organization, ranging from early science to clinical development and production.

This event includes what we wish we had known twelve years ago. We will talk about transitioning from Academia to Industry, landing your first job, balancing career aspirations and reality, being part of big pharma, and the culture and work of Novo Nordisk.

We promise to be honest, with no glossy company slides and little Novo jargon, and plenty of time for questions. Discover what we really do on a daily basis and how we navigate the corporate world. Your curiosity drives the conversation.

Current roles - we all studied Molecular Biology together from 2007

  • Jeannette Schlichting Kirkegaard, PhD – at Novo Nordisk since December 2012
    Specialist, Stem Cell Biology, Early Research & Development
  • Katrine Hammer MSc – at Novo Nordisk since February 2014
    Senior QA Specialist, Product Supply, Quality & IT
  • Berit Sneftrup Knudsen, MSc – at Novo Nordisk since October 2014
    Project Manager, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control 
  • Bjarke Primdal-Bengtson, MSc – at Novo Nordisk since February 2016
    QA Area Specialist, Product Supply, Quality & IT
  • Charlotte Harmsen, PhD – at Novo Nordisk since August 2020
    Global Trial manager, Clinical Drug Development