Aarhus Universitets segl


Programme - MBG Annual Meeting – Friday 31 May 2024

held  in "Aulaen" (The Main Hall, building 1412-129B). Exhibition and posters at "Vandrehallen", building 1413 


Breakfast and coffee


Opening remarks by Erik Østergaard Jensen


Session 1 New group leader – Chair: Christian Damgaard
Talk from new group leader:
Pablo Alcón, Section for Protein Science: FANCD2-FANCI is a sliding clamp that surveys DNA and
recognizes single-stranded gaps


Coffee break


Session 2 – Science at MBG #1 - Chair: Rasmus Kock Flygaard
Three Short talks by PhD students and postdocs - part 1

Samir Watson - Reduced expression of METTL3 causes increased cell proliferation and protein synthesis in triple negative breast cancer

Florence Authier - Neurodevelopmental defects in a mouse model of O-GlcNAc transferase intellectual disability

Lynette Nel - Conformational changes in the Niemann–Pick type C1 protein NCR1 drive sterol translocation


Session 3 Flash talks for posters - Chair: Yuya Hayashi
Selected flash talks: 2 minutes each.


Group photo


Poster session, lunch and company exhibition


Session 4 – Science at MBG #2 - Chair: Kasper Røjkjær Andersen
Three Short talks by PhD students and postdocs – part 2

Jieshun Lin - Zinc mediates environmental control of nitrogen fixation via transcription factor filamentation

Anna Hvarregaard Christensen - An evolutionarily conserved mechanism of STING-mediated NF-κB activation involving the C-terminal α-helix of STING and the IKK-complex

Sara Derosa - Local Regulators of Synaptic Calcium Homeostasis


Session 5 - Prize ceremony - Chair: Lisbeth Heilesen

  • Exhibitors' prizes
  • Teaching awards for: Best Lecturer of the Year and
  • The Best Student Teacher of the Year 
  • Kjeld Marcker PhD Prize
  • Poster/flash talk prize
14:45-15:00 Coffee break


Session 6 Keynote lecture - Chair: Bjørn Panyella Pedersen

Keynote speaker: Professor Anja Bechmann,
Institut for Kommunikation og Kultur – Medievidenskab
Aarhus University

Dark Collective Behavior on Social Media


Pre-party in MBG's Canteen in building 1873. Beer, soda etc. can be bought from MBG's Friday's bar

Free soda/beer to the first 50 people 

16:30-17:00 Salsa dance in MBG's Canteen (feel free to join in)
18:00-1:00 Dinner and party in the Mathematical canteen - building 1530 

Dinner menu

Welcome drink and snack

Appetizers on Buffet

  • Marinated grilled vegetables
  • Herb rolls on crispy salads
  • Home-smoked cod with sauce verde*
  • Spiced beef fillet with herb gratin*
  • Freshly baked bread with tapenade and hummus

Main Course on Buffet


  • Crispy cauliflower with vinaigrette
  • Crisp salads with dehydrated tomatoes
  • Marinated romaine lettuce with crispy croutons and Parmesan


  • Spicy legumes with grilled carrots
  • Salt-baked potatoes with fresh herbs
  • Meatballs made from beef in tomato sauce with fresh parsley*
  • Chicken roulade with pesto*
  • Cold tarragon sauce

Dessert Buffet

  • Assorted cake bites with fruit

Notes about the menu:
Dishes marked with an asterisk (*) contain meat or fish.