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Uncovering a cooperation between RNA decay and chromatin regulating complexes that keep transposable element RNAs under control.

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Mammalian genomes have been colonised by transposable elements (TEs), so called ‘genetic parasites’, which occupy ~ 50% of genomic DNA and harbour the potential to propagate, resulting in genetic instability. These elements are therefore subjected to tight cellular control. Whilst our understanding of TE regulation has been dominated by transcriptional and epigenetic models, the role of post-transcriptional RNA decay regulation has until now been unexplored. Link: (https://mbg.au.dk/en/news-and-events/news-item/artikel/taet-samarbejde-mellem-rna-nedbrydnings-og-kromatin-regulerende-komplekser-holder-transposable-rnaer-under-kontrol)